Great Parenting Simplified.
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Not so happy holidays? Let's reduce your parenting stress this holiday season!
 You aren't meant to parent alone. We've got you. 
 Parenting can be overwhelming. Every parent wants to be the best parent they can be, but there is so much information and well-intentioned help.

Where do you start?

At Great Parenting Simplified Nonprofit Cooperative, we understand the importance of simplicity, so much so, that it's in our name.

GPS' mission is to bring useable tools, resources and personalized coaching to parents. Why?

Our Method
The world is complicated. Parenting shouldn't be.

At GPS, we believe that less is more. This movement is called Great Parenting Simplified because the work of sifting through information has been done for you. We’ve taken proven science along with reliable techniques, and condensed them down to a few basic and coherent steps. This means less of your time spent sifting through information, and more on applying great tips and enjoying your precious family.

We recognize that growth and learning are not one-size-fits-all. Our trained Parent coaches help you apply our tools and resources through consistent programming, designed to guarantee confidence and sustainability. We also remain connected through every step of your journey. This ensures every parent has support in becoming the parent they want to be.


Our Organizational Model 
While fulfilling our purpose to empower parents and families to be strong, resilient and joyful, we determined a nonprofit cooperative model would fit GPS best. This is because we believe in the power of our team and coaches working openly and cooperatively to bring the best to you.

When we became a nonprofit cooperative in 2020, we defined our future. As a nonprofit, we are driven by our collective passion to support the growth and development of our parents and families, not profit. This allows us to focus on what matters most: helping strong parents raise amazing kids.

As a cooperative, we bring together a dedicated Board of Directors to provide meaningful guidance and direction, our certified GPS Parent Coaches, and our parent community. Together, we ensure that you receive the best in programming and support. Cooperatively, we build strong families. Cooperatively, everyone wins.

One-on-One Coaching 

Think about your biggest parenting challenge. Now imagine how much happier you and your family would be without it. If you need extra individualized support, help with following through and increased accountability, our Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coaches can help you!

No matter what you are struggling with, our skilled coaches will ensure you get the right information and support to find the solutions you need. They are committed to bringing you their best. Our coaches don’t just provide general advice. They provide tailored advice and support to help with your unique situation. Information is powerful, but personalized coaching and support ensure long-term success.

The vision for Great Parenting Simplified has evolved over the last two decades. Beginning with a passion to help others, our Founder and Executive Director Jacqueline Green took the first steps to start GPS.

Now, over 20 years later, we have grown into a respected movement, providing parenting support across the globe.
"Thankfully, I am now part of Great Parenting Simplified and am able to rely on this community through any challenge, including a global pandemic. It is possible to transform a life of despair and desperation into one of strength and love."
 - Maureen, Alberta, Canada
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