Michelle Brussel

Parent Coach
Executive Board Member

I am married with 2 boys (15 and 10) and live in Nyack, New York. My conscious parenting journey was the beginning of a multi-faceted personal growth journey, that included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga, meditation and spiritual work. It was prompted by the immense challenges and struggles I was experiencing parenting my older son. We were both highly sensitive and full of anxiety, and feeding off of each other’s energies and emotions.
I knew I needed help and to find a different way to parent (and to live!). Through a sequence of serendipitous events, in 2013 I was led to Jacqueline and GPS and years later to the Inner Circle program and then on to become a Parent Coach.
I’ve learned many valuable tools to help shift my mindset, especially around my perfectionism, including being gentle on myself when I make mistakes, lowering my expectations for both myself and my kids, and giving myself kindness and compassion during the challenging moments. I have also learned to feel into and trust my intuition and parent from that place.
As a result, my kids and I have a more loving and connected relationship and I have that with myself as well.
GPS was there at a pivotal point in my life when I very much needed connection and support, first as a client and later as a coach. It has been a gift and I’m so grateful for all the valuable tools I’ve learned and the growth I’ve experienced over the years. It is a very special community and a great team to be a part of! My passion is to support other parents to fulfill their desires for themselves, their kids and their families.
I enjoy yoga, walking and hiking, being anywhere out in nature, and most recently playing tennis and pickle ball!

Favorite Quote:
Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.. - Rumi
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