Maureen Geres

Parent Coach
Coach Training & Development Coordinator
Executive Board Member

I joined Great Parenting Simplified at a time in my life when I was weighed down by the pressure of trying to be a perfect parent and feeling like I was failing dismally. My hope was to learn how to have more fun in parenting and to rediscover the fun person I used to be before I had kids!
In 2017, my experience in the Inner Circle program was profound - not just light bulbs turning on, but a whole lighthouse, illuminating my parenting path and changing the way I interact with myself, my kids and all those around me. I still have my regrettable parenting moments (!), but now look at them as snapshots in time and learning opportunities, instead of permanent black marks on my parenting record.
I have more compassion for myself, and my kids, and greater confidence and calmness in dealing with situations that used to feel out of control. I continued my learning through GPS to become a Parent Coach and am grateful to be able to support others on their journey to becoming the parents, and people, they want to be. I live in Calgary, Alberta and am a married mom of two incredible kids who keep teaching me every day.
I now lead GPS's Parent Coach in Training program, as well as continuing my own practice as a Parent Coach, and am an Executive Board member helping lead GPS to meet goals to support families across the globe
More than just another parenting course, GPS has changed the way I approach my whole life. I use the lessons I've learned through GPS everyday and my family is stronger for it!

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right. - Henry Ford
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