Joanna Greaney

Parent Coach
Executive Board Member

When I had kids, there was definitely an ideal in my mind of how to be a mom that I was striving for and quickly found myself failing to achieve. I was not the calm and strong Mama I wanted to be. I encountered rage like I had never felt before. Joining the GPS Inner Circle and later going through training and becoming a Parent Coach has taught me so many things. Most of all, it has taught me to relax more if I don’t get things right on the first - or the 10th - try. It has given me permission to be OK with who I am now. It has helped me find Trust that things will be OK. It has also given me an amazing community of women. I have coached several moms now and witnessed them open up to that trust and soften to the slow process of change, and that has been so gratifying to see! I am married with a boy (15) and two girls (13 and 9) living near San Diego, California.

With GPS, I am honored to walk alongside such an amazing community and to be able to serve new parents joining us. We are all perfectly imperfect supporting each other on the craziest journey that is parenting.

Favorite Quote:
Everything happens for you, not to you. ~ Byron Katie

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