Jo Whitton
Parent Coach
I’m a mum to a 9 year old and stepmum to two teenagers and I live in the UK.
I joined GPS in 2015 at a point when I felt lost and disempowered as a parent. I was suffering with stress and anxiety and my marriage was strained. I had lost confidence in myself, doubted my intuition and my parenting abilities.
The Inner Circle was a transformative experience. The program gave me a much better understanding about the children’s needs and helped me with changing my mindset and identifying my needs. The peer support was also incredible and I got so much from having a safe space to share.
I’m now a Parent Coach with GPS hoping to help others discover the riches that I found and empower them to make changes. I offer nurturing, heart centred coaching to help your family thrive. I also have some specialist experience working with challenging situations such as blended families or children who have experienced trauma or attachment disruption.
My experience with GPS has been transformative and incredibly nurturing and empowering. I have gained so much more understanding of my children and myself and I have made some wonderful friendships. GPS has helped me a to find a new, fulfilling career as well and I am so grateful to be part of the team.

Favorite Quote:
Progress is Perfection - Jacqueline Green

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