Farreah Ali

Parent Coach
Executive Board Member

I’m a medical doctor from London and a married mum of four beautiful kids, aged 4, 8, 9 and 11. I've been on an extended career break since having kids and it was during this time I came across GPS online. I joined the Inner Circle, but did not take part fully and then re-committed and joined the Inner Circle again in 2021 as a Peer Mentor, having always believed in Jacqueline’s work and what GPS stood for.
The year as an Inner Circle Peer Mentor helped lift the fog of overwhelm that had enveloped me. Struggling to manage the kids, the household, and getting little parenting support, especially in the pandemic, left me exhausted, unfulfilled and unloving to those that needed my love the most.
With all the tools provided in the Inner Circle, I have regained my confidence, my self worth and the “I can’t cope” mentality is well and truly in check. This wasn’t an overnight shift but one of showing up in whatever shape or form, trusting the process and allowing myself the permission to make mistakes to learn from and carry on.
My own parenting journey continued as I trained to become a Parent Coach in 2022, and I am now fortunate to be coaching several parents on their journey, both one-to-one and in groups. I look forward to delving further in this journey and helping you in yours.
With GPS supporting me and being by my side, I have experienced self-development in love, acceptance and change, which has had profound effects on me individually and me as a parent.

Favorite Quote:
Change is a process - Jacqueline Green
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