Dana Saab
Parent Coach
I am Dana Saab. I am Lebanese and living in Dubai. I am a parent consultant and early childhood specialist. I worked with so many kids in my previous jobs as a school social worker and as a special educator.
I am a mother of 2 beautiful strong girls. When I got pregnant, I thought I was going to nail this parenting game. It was going to be a piece of cake! I am a natural!
Until meltdowns were a part of our life.
I couldn’t understand the intense meltdowns and explosive emotions. All I could think of was “I should know better” along with the feeling of guilt and embarrassment. Typical information about parenting and tantrums did not work for us.
I knew I needed to dig deeper. After a lot of research (back then things were not so accessible) I discovered the world of sensory needs and sensitivities. Suddenly everything made sense!
Since then, I decided to learn more about the human brain and help other parents get the support I never got and that I always wanted.
I am here to support parents in their parenting journey and help them with the things I wish I had known when I needed them. I have been a parent coach for 3 years. Jacqueline is an inspiration. GPS gave me the community and support I needed as a parent and a coach. My favorite GPS mantra is “slow down to speed up”. This mantra allowed me to have self compassion, to rise above my mistakes, to be grounded and to pause as a parent and on a personal level.

Favorite Quote:
There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one. - Sue Atkins
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