“Mom, I miss you” – 4 tips to help ease transition back to school

I was so excited to send both my boys back to in-person school but at the same time I knew the transition would have some ups and downs.

Most of our kids have been remote learning for the better part of 18 months but whatever learning mode you have chosen for your child it is likely an adjustment compared to what their summer routine and environment was.

Summer Sanity Savers

At the best of times, summers can be times of high expectations, which can result in stress and frustration. We want you to have as joyous and relaxing a summer as possible. To help you out, here are 5 proven summer sanity savers from the Great Parenting Simplified coaching team!

My year with grief

Grief isn’t always straightforward. It can sometimes be riddled with conflicting emotions. I’ve learned that my relationship with my mom didn’t end when she died. I have been able to heal our relationship even with her gone. Here is my year of grief.

Mother’s Day Blues

Does Mother’s Day give you mixed feelings? I share about my 4 pregnancies and 2 births below because I can relate.

Do you find yourself sad, resentful, and/or disappointed on this special day meant for celebrating mothers? It’s OK to have those feelings. It’s OK to find joy and grief on this day.