Raise kids who listen,
learn and love life;
be the parent your kids need you to be

Free Workshop Series  with Jacqueline Green, founder of GPS

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Video 1: Why kids aren’t listening, learning and loving life

Learn the single most helpful tip that we've been sharing for 20+ years. Our grads consistently tell us how helpful this one single tip is. It's a simple concept, and a powerful game changer.
Video 2: #1 reason why parents struggle
to apply these great ideas
Learn the secret to why all the parenting information in the world isn’t going to help most parents. In fact, learn why all the parenting information in the world is actually making parenting HARDER, and what to do instead to get on the way easier path!
Video 3: Surprising foundation to raising kids
who listen, learn, and love life
A surprising tip for how to increase your child’s motivation and maturation as well as keep you calm
This powerful tip, combined with the other 2, will firmly plant you on the way less traveled, which every parent NEEDS to be on nowadays!
Video 4: The Accelerator: How to Be Certain You’ll Nail Parenting (Before the Kids are all Grown Up)
Learn how to get faster results to becoming the parent you always wanted to be!

Why are so many parents struggling with:

  • getting their kids to listen without yelling while a small number know how to get cooperation without so much work?
  • having children who need bribes and punishment to do anything, instead of spontaneously learning and caring enough to help out?
  • lack of confidence to deal with the big, important challenges that are hitting their families instead of knowing that they can be the wise guides that they know their children need? The epidemic of mental health issues, media addictions, and other threats to our family seem to be be constantly growing. Never have parents needed confidence more that their child will turn to them for help in an increasingly dangerous world, and yet it's increasingly common for kids to lie, conceal and choose to ignore family rules and advice.

Watch the free videos above, where I’ll share the answers to these questions so you too can raise successful, confident and awesome kids.

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