The overview:

As a coaching team, we are excited to offer you our GPS Work Program! As you may know, the founder of the Work, Byron Katie, encourages others to do the Work without requiring them to become certified facilitators. In fact, the Institute for the Work has stopped the certification program, which ended the thoughts of some of us coaches of becoming certified!

However make no mistake, we as a team have experience doing the Work of Byron Katie! We've done:

  • Year of Inquiry with Grace Bell 6 times
  • 8 or more Summers of Inquiry with Grace
  • 5 or 6 retreats with Grace
  • courses with Ernest Holm Svendsen 3 or 4 times
  • Todd Smith's 9 week/9 month intro program, 2 times
  • Joy Schultz's Judge your Children course 5 or more times
  • Sit in the Fire, an intensive retreat with Roxann Buroughs, Katie's daughter, 2 times
  • 2 four-day retreats with Tom Compton
  • one-on-one and group work with Aileen Cheatham
  • one-on-one and weekend retreat with Lisa Daley 
  • Radical Sex Shift class with Helena Montelius 

We all use the Work personally and professionally, and are committed to continuing the practice. We will be in the partner mix each month too.

Your commitment:

By enrolling, you are committing to coming to at least 1 of the 4 facilitation calls a month and meeting with your assigned partner at least 2 times. You also promise to keep the facilitation calls and partner calls confidential.
Note: You can opt out of partnering and join us only for the live sessions.

- There will be 4 facilitation calls each month at different days of the week and times to accommodate your needs (we are open to changing the times too).

- You will be partnered with a different partner most months, unless you request to not have a  partner or to stay with the same one.

- You have the option to fill out an evaluation form at the end of your partner session and facilitation calls, if you want to reflect on the call or give any feedback.

- Your commitment can always be canceled before the next monthly payment (within a month from your last payment).


1st Tuesday of the month at 5 pm PT

2nd Tuesday at 10 am PT

3nd Saturday at 12 pm PT

4th Tuesday at 11 am PT - FREE GPS Work session, often with certified facilitators of the Work as guests


Is there a better investment as a parent than in your leadership abilities?

Comparable programs run by certified facilitators cost $97+ per month. One thing we offer that no other program offers is that we will help you to be accountable for actually doing the Work and meeting with your partner! As well, due to the small size of the program you have ample opportunity to be facilitated on our weekly sessions. You are welcome to reach out to us ahead of time either via email or on Mighty Networks, our group forum, to indicate that you want to be facilitated on the next session.

We've decided to offer our program for $47/month. However, if you are on this page it is because you qualify to receive the program for free, either because you are paying for 1-1 coaching, or are on our coaching/support team!

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