Team GPS

Team GPS is a key reason why this the Great Parenting Simplified movement is continuing to grow and change lives!

Great Parenting Simplified has a parent coach training program, which soon will have had graduated 10 coaches. These certified GPS parent coaches are starting to take clients and will be blogging, speaking and teaching courses soon!

The photo above includes two people mentioned below, Rozalia on the far left, and Joanna beside her. (Jacqueline’s mom is to the right of Joanna, and Sally Edwards, who has contributed greatly to the start of the GPS coaching program, is second from the left. Brenda, an Inner Circle mama who has been in the community for years, is on the far right! Jacqueline is to the right of Grace Bell, a wonderful teacher of hers, who was one of the guests on the 7th Great Parenting Show).

Joanna Greaney has been the key team member for the last few years. She’s the midwife to the 7th GPS, is in the formal Parent-Coach-in-Training program, as well as our tech person/content creator and coordinator of many behind the scene events. It’s official on her rather long to-do list to add her bio and photo here!

Joanna has three adorable children, lives in California, grew up in Washington DC and Poland, and has married an Irishman! Jacqueline’s life, and many of yours, have been richly blessed by her many gifts.

Other key team members include:

Antonella, our amazing customer support person. She’s an Inner Circle mom who stepped forward right before the 7th GPS to offer to help out. What a relief! We couldn’t have hired anyone better. She also managed to get Twitter figured out:). While she’s one team member who we haven’t met yet in person, she lives in Chicago, and so it will be sooner not later that there’s a GPS event there. She owns a chocolate store, so will be our official supplier of treats too! What could be better?

Rozalia is our wonderful support person who answers our 800 #.  She’s another Inner Circle mom who was at the gathering in the photo above:). She lives in Houston, Texas, regularly goes back to Greece to where her family is from, and she grew up in Montreal! (I love how the GPS community comes from over 94 countries, and is on every continent. Rozalia single-handedly represents 3 of those countries and 2 continents!)

Fred Cohn is GPS’s amazing tech guy! He’s on the east coast of the US. Jacqueline first met him through the great work of his wife Daphne Cohn.

Team GPS is a wonderful, fun and vibrant group!

The 8th Great Parenting Series Production Team:

Pictured here from left to right:

  • Cathy Forner with (Project Manager)
  • Joanna Greaney (Tech, coordination, support, wearer of many hats)
  • Jacqueline Green (Founder)
  • Malia Monaco with (Marketing Manager)
  • Karen Lause (Sponsorship Coordinator)
  • Maureen Geres (Speaker Coordinator)

Additional show support:

  • Jo(e) Social Media, Inc
  • Patrick Crosman Video Editing
  • Amber Casey with KC Communications Graphic Designer

…and many more volunteers!