Sibling Rivalry – what science has to tell us about why it’s on the rise, and how to turn it around

One of the biggest issues that you want help with, I know, is sibling rivalry. Nothing can take a peaceful family moment and ruin it quite as quickly as children who suddenly erupt into a fight. Few things wear us down more than the endless squabbling and arguing that kids can do.

What to Do When Sibling Rivalry Is Driving You Crazy

Just when we thought we couldn’t handle all the fighting on evenings and weekends, life gave us Coronavirus and poof, we’re suddenly captains of the all-day, everyday sibling rivalry ship! Excuse me, when did we sign up for this? Raising kids who constantly bicker, hit, and tattle is no easy feat. Add the stress and pressure of the Pandemic and you’re likely about to explode with each new conflict.