Support the Movement

Parenting is hard.
Parenting in a pandemic has intensified everything.

In response to the growing pressures COVID-19 is causing families, and the direct mental and behavioural impacts affecting parents around the globe, Great Parenting Simplified are excited to be hosting a GPS movement crowdfunding campaign starting September 23rd to raise awareness and the funds needed to help us support parents-in-need.

This campaign is aimed at raising $75,000 to support mamas and papas who are in desperate need of GPS’s programs and services.  It will offer donors and concerned supporters the opportunity to sponsor families and parents-in-need with specific ‘GPS gifts of impact’ that will make a real difference in a parent and child’s life and for society overall.

You can be a part of this campaign and its success in many ways.  You can…

1. Be a spokesperson/advocate for the movement!!!  Add your own personal (written or video) testimonial of how the pandemic has affected you and your family.  Share how GPS has helped you to survive or thrive…

2. Share your experiences as a member or graduate of a GPS
program such as inner circle groups or
 our on-line “safe space” Fb communities.  Let others know the difference it has made in your parenting and personal journey.  

3. Highlight the value that our GPS coaches, expert interview series and our simplified 5-Step approach to parenting has had for you.

4.  Or, consider going a step further… Can you or someone you know donate to the cause and support others?  Is there an employer or community group who could match your donated funds?  

Please, donate if you can and share the GPS Crowdfunding Campaign link with your friends, family, neighbors, support groups and broader network of contacts. 


Together, can we raise awareness, broaden engagement and the necessary funds to reach more parents in this pandemic.  We are all in this together…and together,
we can make a big difference in parents and children’s lives when they need it

Thank you.