If you like the faster results from coaching and you also like being part of a community, then our most popular Great Parenting Simplified program, called the Inner Circle, may be perfect for you! It gives you individualized support in a group setting to shift your family’s trajectory. The support can be lifelong, because you bond with other parents as you learn, and help each other out. 

Real change takes time. This program involves a bigger time commitment than other Great Parenting Simplified supports. With that time, we break the change process down into bite-sized chunks, and we help you prioritize yourself as a leader of your family. This way your kids have the optimal guidance they deserve from their most important relationship. Don’t you wish your parent had invested in their leadership skills?

The Inner Circle program is a wonderful way to experience the Core Principle of Support, with a group of peers in a safe space. It’s so life-giving and shame-busting when you can share how things really are in your most challenging moments. Instead of being judged, you will be supported and come to recognize how similar our struggles are. The group process helps parents and caregivers to quit being so full of guilt and shame, and to put that energy into fixing their problems.   

The Inner Circle program is 6 month program that includes:

  • individual support to address your top issues via small group sessions with a coach who will work with you each week to ensure you are making progress
  • more support to get your questions answered on optional larger group sessions with the senior coaching team
  • targeted parenting tips based on the latest science via short, actionable videos
  • individualized homework assignments to help you to make the changes you want
  • the opportunity to work with a partner to do some of the inner work that all great parents must do
After the 6 month period, you will have several low cost options to reinforce your knowledge and skills and get the coaching help and tweaks to your plan that you need to continue to advance as your child’s most important leader.

The Next Inner Circle is planned for early 2022!
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Simplified Tools: 5 steps to Great Parenting Simplified delivered via easy-to-consume video lessons (15-20 minutes each)

Customized for You: Get the help you need through deep-dive and small group sessions

Wrap Around Support: Deep healing, nurturing and FUN connections with the other 3-5 parents in your small group

Help with Follow Through: Accountability to help you stay on track, and/or coaching to get you back on track


5 Steps to Simplifying Great Parenting

  1. Your Foundation: (You & your child’s growth) Mindset
  2. Framing: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Support – Your Village
  3. Your Roof: ​​​​​​​Alignment
  4. Walls: Maturation and Motivation
  5. The Exterior/ Weather: Navigating Behavior

The Inner Circle program is a prerequisite for our Coaches-in-Training Program

Here’s what Inner-Circle parents say about their experience…