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We’ve heard from hundreds of worn out, exhausted parents, overwhelmed by the trials and struggles of a life-altering year.

...the spikes in anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm, the angry outbursts, the job losses, the transitions…whatever you’re dealing with.

Every month in the Real Parents Roadmap we help you to navigate your parenting challenges by: 
  • Hosting two live group coaching sessions. Imagine having the ability to ask how to apply the latest tips you are learning, or to get help when you can't make the tips work for you. These live sessions are run by Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coaches who are in the trenches too, dealing with the common issues that you face raising kids in 2020.
  • Providing a new simple and actionable training in our member portal
  • Focusing on one of the three Core Principles each month
  • Getting you into action with a fun challenge to put your new parenting knowledge into action
  • Providing an on-demand expert interview aligned with the month’s topic for you to watch from the Great Parenting Series
  • Answering your questions in our closed Roadmap Membership Facebook Group, monitored daily by our Certified Coaches

This is a $400/month value!

Proven Great Parenting System 

The Core Principles have been honed from almost 20 years of parent educating, working with over 150 of the world's top parenting experts, and hundreds of moms with almost every possible parenting issue all over the world!

Why you need to master the 3 Core Principles 

Core Principle 1:
Growth Mindset

Build your foundation by developing a calm, cool mindset. Shift your default thinking from reactive to proactive.

Core Principle 2:

Build your pillars of support, eg your village, even if much of it is online. Shift from feeling isolated and alone to feeling supported and able to tackle the myriad of challenges.

Core Principle 3:

Build the alignment or connection within your family, so that it's like a solid roof, keeping the elements out. Shift from feeling frustrated by kids who don't listen to knowing how to harness the force that makes kids want to listen to us!

We are trusted by parents world wide
"I am so happy to be a part of this group. I have been feeling so confident and excited about learning and growing into the parent I want to be. This week I printed out the calendar (as you suggested) and put it on my fridge. I then write down what I want to focus on for that day. It has been soooo helpful to have the reminder right there during the day."
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The Real Parents Roadmap is “simple, inspiring, achievable and based on THE MOST current developmental science but comes with lots of nurturing, motivating support to help follow through on changes.”
"I can personally relate to much of what you said so know that you are not alone. It is a challenge to raise kids and you are facing your emotions about it head on and able to get out how hard it is which I find in and of itself very helpful! Keep keeping on and doing the best you can!"

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"Thanks to what I’ve learned through the Roadmap community I paused, took a breath and connected...No yelling, no tears, no “telling” - it was such a shift - we all stayed calmer and more connected!" 
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Foundation for Great Parenting

Did you know that building the foundation for great parenting (and great families) starts with your mindset?  By creating a growth mindset you create an environment for curiosity, joy and peace in your home. It makes challenges easier to deal with, and quicker to bounce back from.

What is a growth mindset? It's the belief that you can grow and change, and that your current abilities aren't fixed, or static. So if you just yelled at your kids, but you have a growth mindset, you'll have hope that you can learn how to quit going there!

(That's exactly what we do here at GPS, is teach you how to make the changes you've wanted. To do so, we start at the foundation, which are 3 core principles...)

Did you know that most parents struggle with a fixed mindset nowadays? The more stressful things are, the more easy it is to get driven into our primitive brain, which isn't capable of a growth mindset. The problem is the fixed mindset is self-perpetuating; the more you are sure you can't change, the more you blow up, as after all, it's hopeless anyway, right? Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like what you most want in the world, to be the great parent you know your child deserves, and feeling certain that you can't do it. Frustration leads to aggression, unless you know how to divert it.

So please, get yourself and your children the support you need to get out of the trap of a self-defeating, fixed mindset.

Until you do this, no parenting technique will work for long. 

When you shift your mindset - everything changes!

Once you've shifted into a growth mindset it's time to get support and build your village.  Your Great Parenting journey continues as you deepen the relationship with your child, by harnessing the force that we call alignment (it's a very real force, and is the most studied phenomenon in developmental psychology).

Great parenting can start now.

It starts with rewiring your brain with new skills and confidence.

What you learn from this program will give you the clarity and confidence to guide your family while enjoying the journey!

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Self-Paced with Support

You'll have access to proven parenting tools to feel successful through your Real Parents Roadmap

Expert Videos

Access to top parenting expert videos taking a deep-dive into each step of the journey

Monthly Challenges

Take your new parenting knowledge into action with fun monthly challenges 

Coaching Calls

Live group coaching calls that provide you support, community, and clarity 

Private Community

Continue the conversations and connections with a private Facebook community

As a Real Parents Roadmap Member you'll also receive special discounts and access to other Great Parenting Simplified programs - including our upcoming exclusive Inner Circle Program  
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