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Peer Mentor Program
Congratulations on joining the Peer Mentor Progam!

Taking on even a small leadership role will accelerate your learning and increase your success in creating the life and family and you've always wanted! Being just one step ahead of the new parents coming into the program and being able to help them along the way is so rewarding and motivating to continue to grow on this journey! We are so excited for you!

For your next steps:
1. Please fill out Peer Mentor registration form, where you will sign your agreement and give us an idea of your availability for small group calls, as well as some other information we'd love to have on file for you!

2. Join the IC8 Mighty Networks Course

3. Work on introductions you will post in the IC8 Mighty Networks Course soon.

4. Watch for email and/or WhatsApp messages for the next Peer Mentor meeting!

If you have any questions, you can always email Maureen at