Pause Button Challenge

Thank you for participating in the Pause Button Challenge.  You now have 5 tools to use when you need to take the lid off your boiling pot!  

I'd like to invite you to learn how to turn the heat down so that you don't even get to a boiling level...our Real Parents Roadmap Membership Community.   Please watch my short video to learn more!  P.S. this invitation is only open until 11/15/2020 and has a very special discount since you participated in the Pause Button Challenge.  

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Day 5 of Challenge – 3 Senses
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Look for these images in the group to submit wins, results, comments & questions for today's Pause-Button Challenge.  (#PauseButton)
Day 4 of Challenge – Abort Mission
Day 3 of Challenge – State Change
Day 2 of Challenge – Do Over
Day 1 of Challenge – Breathing with a Twist

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