Pause Button Challenge
Learn how to keep your cool with your kids!
Challenge Starts 11/2/20 until 11/6/20

This Pause Button Challenge represents the idea of taking the lid off of your emotional pot boiling. This relieves pressure and stops us from lashing out in the heat of the moment. 


This is crucial for affecting change in your family. When we get better at calming ourselves down in the moment, we get access to our higher thinking brain. That's where all the great parenting ideas you've been learning, are. You can remind yourself to stop to connect first. Or to empathize with your child. Or remember the stressors that are behind your child's challenging behavior. 

Even better is learning these powerful tools with a group of supportive peers, which is what you get in this Pause Button Challenge. That will help you to get into and stay in action!

This Challenge is for you if...
You're finding it harder to keep your cool
You're feeling  exhausted and overwhelmed 
You want positive interactions with your kids
During this 5-day Challenge you'll receive:

πŸ‘‰ Training Videos for each of the 5 pause buttons

πŸ‘‰Actionable worksheets to help you apply and practice each pause button

πŸ‘‰Community in our Private Facebook group

πŸ‘‰Support from our Certified GPS Parent Coaches 

Hear from moms who've been through the Challenge

Here's a sneak peek into the training 

Short actionable videos each day by Jacqueline explaining the Pause Buttons
Daily worksheets that support you in applying and practicing each Pause Button
Community in our Private Facebook Group and support from our Certified GPS Parent Coaches 
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