Support Circle

A membership community for parents who want simple tools and real support as they guide their families through the ups & downs of life.
Are you: 
=>Tired of devoting endless time and energy to your family and still feeling like a failure?
=>At your whit's end with children bickering and complaining about fairness?
=>Anxious about your children's future and whether you will have a relationship with them?
=>Always promising yourself you will stop yelling and beating yourself up when you yell again?
=>Feeling hopeless when dealing with challenging behavior in your kids that won't go away?
=>Spending so much timing reading parenting tips and listening to podcasts but they leave you still feeling at a loss and feeling worse about yourself?

 Imagine if you could:
=>Feel like a success in your family life with less effort
=>Help guide your children to work together and have rich relationships with their siblings
=>Feel more confident about your children's future and future of your relationship
=>Learn tools to self-regulate and be the calm, confident parents you always wanted to be
Find solutions to deal with negative behavior
=>End the overload of parenting information and confusion

We can help you get there! Our membership will help you gain more confidence and find more joy in your parenting, all with the help of a supportive community of coaches and like-minded parents on the same journey.

What you’ll get with your Parent Support Circle Membership:

  • Simplified information to take the research and second guessing out of parenting
      • Simple and actionable training tools in our member portal
      • Parent expert interviews aligned with the month’s topic for you to watch from the Great Parenting Series
    • Repetition and Accountability through fun monthly challenges to put your new parenting knowledge into action
    • Personalized support for your unique issues and circumstances.
      • Two live coaching calls a month will give you access our certified coaches to get tailored support for you and your family. Imagine having the ability to ask how to apply the latest tips you are learning, or to get help when you can't make the tips work for you. The live sessions are run by Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coaches who are in the trenches too, dealing with the common issues that you face raising kids through a pandemic and beyond.
      • Our private forum is monitored by our Certified Coaches on a daily basis and will be an invaluable safe space for you to post your questions and get support from both the coaches and other moms in the membership. 

    This is a $400/month value!

    What our parents have to say about this community: 
    GPS membership is the best parent support group you can ever be in. From leading parenting experts interviews to coaching calls and nonjudgmental support that embrace diversity and respect all cultures and beliefs. One of the best decisions i made last year is to join this community.
    ~ Dana, Saudi Arabia

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    The abundance of tools that I have gained will help me in the short and long game of parenting. The caring community was always soo welcoming that I never felt like I had to have it all together to share. The listening partnership was a new concept to me that I am grateful I experienced. I have a new supportive mom friend from it. Thank you soo much for your heart and excellence in serving parents all across the world!
    ~ Naomi, Illinois

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    I have felt very lonely in recent years with 2 young boys, one neurotypical and one autistic. I was already doing a great job but I was heading for burnout as a home educating mum, recently separated from their dad, advocating for my autistic son's needs while meeting the needs of my non autistic son.
    This programme has connected me with other mums who really understood. Not because their situation was the same as mine but because mum's (typically) are the organisers and leaders of their families and this can take a toll when we don't have a tribe to support us.
    I feel more empowered as a mum because of what this programme is teaching me. And it's so gentle! There's nothing to 'keep up' to, The content is just enough to allow me to engage and make small changes, practically and in my thinking, without being overwhelming and I disengage.
    Jacqueline and her team really understand me and my situation and are empathetic and kind. Without knowing it, that's just what I needed to be a great mum without sacrificing my own mental wellbeing.
    ~Suzy, United Kingdom

    What if I have tried other courses and books and failed to make any changes in my life? How will this program be different?

    Many of us need accountability and help focusing on our priorities to start making lasting changes in our life.

    One of our members (who is now one of our coaches!) weighs in on how this community has finally helped her get results:
    "There are only a couple courses I’ve followed through on or books I’ve read, and they all have something in common: people & community. I'm much more likely to read a book, if I'm part of a book club. I will follow through on my small goals a lot more, if I commit to checking in with someone that I've done it. I will complete a task much sooner if I have a deadline and people counting on me. This community has taught me this. I have a support network of like-minded parents that have similar goals of raising kids with love and connection, and that similarly struggle to always stay calm through it all. We are not anonymous people in a membership, we are a support village that lifts each other up. That has made all the difference for me." ~ Joanna, GPS Coach, San Diego

    What if I don't have a lot of time to commit to this?

    Another thing that sets us apart, is our focus on small actionable steps and celebrating any win, no matter how tiny! This helps you build steady momentum in your life. Once you start building momentum, you start developing a growth mindset, which is at the core of all of our programs. By creating a growth mindset in yourself, you start modeling this growth mindset to your kids. It is easy to get caught up in thinking: "I don't have time" or "I'll never figure this out", but this kind of fixed mindset prevents you from getting into your creative brain and trying to find solutions.  Once you shift your mindset, you will be more open to reaching out for support and finding ways to connect (align) with your children, which are the other core principles in our program.

    I can't afford this right now.

    We are so quick to want to give our family the moon and stars, but when it comes to spending money on ourselves, we can't seem to justify the cost. We fail to recognize that making ourselves a priority helps our children, helps our marriage, helps our whole family. The well known phrase of "put your oxygen mask on first" is very valid. We can't take care of everyone if we're running on empty. This is an investment for your family as much as it is for you!

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    Foundation for Great Parenting

    Did you know that building the foundation for great parenting (and great families) starts with your mindset?  By creating a growth mindset you create an environment for curiosity, joy and peace in your home. It makes challenges easier to deal with, and quicker to bounce back from.

    What is a growth mindset? It's the belief that you can grow and change, and that your current abilities aren't fixed, or static. So if you just yelled at your kids, but you have a growth mindset, you'll have hope that you can learn how to quit going there!

    (That's exactly what we do here at GPS, is teach you how to make the changes you've wanted. To do so, we start at the foundation, which are 3 core principles...)

    Did you know that most parents struggle with a fixed mindset nowadays? The more stressful things are, the more easy it is to get driven into our primitive brain, which isn't capable of a growth mindset. The problem is the fixed mindset is self-perpetuating; the more you are sure you can't change, the more you blow up, as after all, it's hopeless anyway, right? Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like what you most want in the world, to be the great parent you know your child deserves, and feeling certain that you can't do it. Frustration leads to aggression, unless you know how to divert it.

    So please, get yourself and your children the support you need to get out of the trap of a self-defeating, fixed mindset.

    Until you do this, no parenting technique will work for long. 

    When you shift your mindset - everything changes!

    Once you've shifted into a growth mindset it's time to get support and build your village.  Your Great Parenting journey continues as you deepen the relationship with your child, by harnessing the force that we call alignment (it's a very real force, and is the most studied phenomenon in developmental psychology).

    Great parenting can start now.

    It starts with rewiring your brain with new skills and confidence.

    What you learn from this program will give you the clarity and confidence to guide your family while enjoying the journey!

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    Self-Paced with Support

    You'll have access to proven tools to feel successful through your parenting journey

    The Right Information

    Access to top parenting tools and expert interviews taking a deep-dive into each of our 3 Core Principles

    Monthly Challenges

    Take your new parenting knowledge into action with fun monthly challenges 

    Coaching Calls

    Live group coaching calls that provide you support, community, and clarity 

    Private Community

    Continue the conversations and connections with a private Mighty Network community

    As a Parent Circle Member you'll also receive special discounts and access to other Great Parenting Simplified programs - including our upcoming exclusive Inner Circle Program  
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