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Free Webinar Replay with Jacqueline Green

Here is the webinar replay. We've broken it up for you into 4 sections

to make it easier to watch!

We apologize for the sudden ending in the webinar! We had some technical issues, and zoom shut down suddenly! Jacqueline was almost done!

You will learn:
  • A powerful phrase you can use right now to reduce tension and build your child's cooperation 

  • Why your kids need you to learn how to work smarter, not harder, and tips for getting on this path less traveled

  • A powerful mindset shift that will change everything for you and your children
    • reduce anxiety and depression,
    • increase performance,
    • decrease procrastination and overwhelm,
    • increase happiness
    • improve marriages, etc
  • The mindset shift that results in being much more playful as a parent

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  • Explore your current situation and what’s working / what’s not
  • Discuss where you want to be as a parent and where you want your family to be
  • Evaluate one thing that’s been holding you back from where you want to be
  • Map out an action plan for you going forward

Here two moms' experiences of a Free Consult

For me, I've been in a frame of mind where I am desperate for advice and help with my parenting attitude. I have felt for so long that I'm just a shell of the person I used to be, and have been so serious and grumpy with my kids for what seems forever. I have been struggling with the same problems, the same triggers, and the same explosive anger at my kids from what has felt like an uncontrollable and un-preventable 0-60 kind of a rush of anger, seemingly coming from nowhere. I've tried so many books, mama's book clubs, but haven't felt like I could ever actually find answers for MY problems.

When you offered a Take Stock session with me, my initial feelings were of shyness and feeling out of my comfort zone as I am an introvert. However, I'd just finished watching the daily Pause Button Challenge and felt like everything you said in those videos was like throwing out a lifeline to me. As if you were right there, validating my feelings and giving me huge relief in your reassurance that this is so common and normal and the problems aren't ME. I really needed to hear that. And you were so honest with your own struggles in parenting that I felt less ashamed to share my struggles with you. It felt scary waiting for my appointment time but the instant you called you were warm, businesslike, with no awkward smiling silences, but warm smiling welcomes! You got straight into a conversation with me as if we were already picking up from a past conversation, as you already knew so much about me from the form I filled out which took away the "new meeting" anxiety for me. It was such a validating and healing conversation. The biggest thing for me was that it truly made me step back and look at my whole big picture of what my struggles in parenting have not only done to me now, but what my life and my family and relationships will look like in the years to come. I have spent so much time worrying about how my kids will turn out that I never once stopped to reflect on what I will look like, and how much I will either wither or grow and flourish. I  have never had the opportunity to fully reflect like that, and with the guidance of your questions I felt like I could step back and have so much compassion on myself, my husband, and my children. It was such a gift of time and space to truly see what currently feels like I'm drowning, to realize it doesn't have to be that way and that I can change things, and with help I can learn exactly what to do. What a feeling of relief! And I have to see, just since having this conversation with Jacqueline I have been able to enjoy my children more, to feel more curious about their behavior and to feel more accepting of the phase that we are in. (Plus my husband and I instantly starting using the phrase "Next Time' and have been able to use it SO OFTEN since then, which kept us in a calm place rather than growing in annoyance! Hooray!)

So thank you Jacqueline, so much, for being such a compassionate listener as well as truly understanding the hearts and plights of us struggling, lonely mamas who have really felt like there is no one to turn to for help! 

~ Kimberly (later joined IC6)

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The free consult along with the follow up, was invaluable and well appreciated.  Just speaking to Jacqueline and Michelle on my parenting issues and struggles with such a personal one on one conversation has helped shifted me. 

I see the Inner Circle is the place for me although at this time I am unable to join, I want to thank you for the time and interest you provided during the sessions.  I will continue to follow the GPS finding support, empathy and knowledge on my parenting journey. 

~ Majestic Rogers, Mass, USA

Here are more testimonials 

from moms who have taken our programs:

Hi, I’m a Mum and Step Mum living in the UK and I just felt compelled to share how much the Inner Circle and the Great Parenting Simplified movement has impacted my life. I reach ed out and joined the Inner Circle 3 group at a point where I was suffering badly with anxiety and my marriage was strained, I had lost confidence in myself and my parenting abilities. Despite intensely loving my children I often wanted to run away. The Inner Circle has been an incredibly helpful, insightful and most of all empowering experience. It has truly enabled me to both let go of my perfectionism and help my family thrive, not something I ever thought possible! I have a mantra from the programme that has gotten me through the past few years and helped me keep sane during the Pandemic and that is “progress is perfection”, I find it really helps take the pressure off. There is so much I could say about the benefits of the program, it certainly gave me a much better understanding about all the children’s needs but the winning ingredient for me was the way that the coach helped me with ‘my’ mindset and 'my’ needs, and held me accountable for making those changes I so desperately wished to make. The peer support was also incredible and I got so much from having a safe space to share and be vulnerable. I was so impressed by the program that I am now a Parent Coach in Training with GPS hoping to help others discover the riches that I found. ~ Jo, IC3, UK

I was part of the IC5 group.  I am so glad I took the step to join.   Having weekly meetings and videos helps keep the ideas presented in the forefront of my mind.  Which helps to practice them!

The biggest benefit for me was the creation of a new, safe community.   Months after the formal program ended—I now have close connections with three amazing women, not including Jacqueline herself.

These ladies started out as Accountability partners and Listening partners.   I can be honest with them.    What I love is they hold a safe space to be real about my challenges, and more often them not, they have experienced similar things.  They allow me to present my situation with no judgement,  just encouragement.

I would recommended this program for all who strive for connection with their children and a more peaceful, respectful, and collaborative way to parent.    Especially for those who struggle with challenging, yet wonderful children.

There is a lot of empathy, support, and solidarity from this group—a wonderful sense of community and sharing a special journey together

~ Sharon, IC5, Canada 

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I think that your programme offers a sort of one-stop shop for mamas.  With your thought through step-by-step programme, which takes into account lots of different specialists' knowledge and research plus your own experience, here is a more organised way for me to implement all the wisdom out there; previously it was on a  piecemeal basis of a bit here and a bit there from a book or an interview which resulted in small but not coherent or really effective changes.  

I am aware now of all the difficulties we are facing in parenting.  I hear that it is not because of some inherent fault with me. I feel supported in making changes with the weekly calls with like-minded mamas in the same predicament.    There is momentum with zero judgement and it makes me hopeful for my vision of my family being realized.  

If, no, WHEN these good changes are second nature and my little kids grow up to be  happy, balanced big kids I will remember you!  

A great, big, sincere thanks!

~ Marianne, IC5, Switzerland

I began my journey with the Great Parenting Simplified back in 2010 when my oldest daughter was 6 and my youngest daughter was 3 1/2. I am forever grateful to the friend that referred me to it because it changed my course as a parent at that time. 

The most memorable learning for me then was the power of listening with empathy and being present for my children’s big emotions. 21/2 years earlier, my youngest had been born with severe gut dysbiosis and the combination of the stress and lack of sleep that came with this, especially being timed with moving to a remote part of Alaska without any support and suffering from what I can see now as post-partum depression and my own health issues, my oldest daughter lost the mom she knew. I was exhausted, impatient, critical, sad and angry. So my being able to see her acting out her big emotions, as irrational as they seemed, as a cry for help and then to be present in those moments, letting her know that I was going to be there for her and love her no matter what, was a huge in helping us to heal. 

Since then, the GPS, as I have touched into it over these past 9 years, has continued to guide me along the way, not only as a parent but also as a wife and as a human being. In 2017, I joined the IC4 at a time that I felt I really needed support for myself during a very challenging period of my marriage, a point where I thought we were definitely headed for separation. [In the process of turning it around] made all the difference to have the support and guidance of Jacqueline and the group.

FUN Update ** Jessica and her family are now off living the dream!! Family Wellness Wanderers - Yoga, Health, Travel is their website, and it shows a very intact, very high functioning family who are learning and growing together, while giving their gifts to the world! 

So the GPS and Jacqueline have been there for me at these critical junctures in helping me to heal my relationship with my child and to heal my marriage and ultimately it has been, and continues to be, a journey into healing myself. 

To that end, it seemed a natural evolution for me to become a parenting coach. This year I have joined 6 other moms as a Parent Coach In Training. I love being a part of a group of parents that are all on this same path, doing this work together, continuing the journey not only for our own families but to be able to help others as well. And just as I had no idea how much I would be changed even within a year after first joining the GPS 10 years ago, I am excited (and, admittedly, a little nervous) at what continued growth awaits me. 

~ Jessica Bartolini in Buffalo, NY

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I remember the trepidation I felt 9 months ago when I was considering signing up for the Inner Circle. It’s a big financial and time commitment and I’d signed up to online causes before that I hadn’t engaged in and therefore hadn’t received value for money. My husband was worried it wasn’t the best use of our money, given the challenges we were having with our boys aged 3 and 6 at the time.

Fast forward 9 months and I am almost finished the course and with confidence I can tell you it has been money and time well invested. The support from Jacqueline and my Parent Coach in Training has been phenomenal. The support from other Inner Circle mum’s has also been great.

I am a much calmer mum. It’s now rare that I lose my temper and yell at my kids. My kids are still kids and their behaviour can frustrate me but I am much more aware of how to find what is behind their behaviour. I’m more comfortable letting them experience their emotions and being there to guide them through their feelings rather than needing to fix or avoid these feelings.

Although I am the one enrolled in the Inner Circle my husband commented that he has learnt so much about how to engage with the boys and help them through their challenges. Just the other night we caught each other’s eye and smiled as we were riding the wave of our six year olds tantrum. It did not stress us out. We gave him the support he needed and he quickly regulated his feelings and was able to continue on. Before the Inner Circle I would have had an emotional meltdown and my husband and I would have ended up arguing about how to handle the situation.

If you are a Mum living outside of the US and wondering if the Inner Circle works across time zones, it does. I live in Australia. My small group met at a time that worked for all of us - morning for me - evening for others. There were some larger group calls that occurred in the early hours of the morning for me but I was able to watch them on replay and get any support I needed through the Private Inner Circle community page. Geographical location is not a barrier to the success of the Inner Circle.

I am extremely glad I took the risk. My entire family has benefited from it.

~ Rebecca, IC5, Australia