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We love featuring our moms’ and coaches’ stories! We are sharing a message from one of our Inner Circle Mamas, who also happens to be currently our CFO! We are so excited to have more and more committed parents get involved in our non-profit coop!

Here is the message from Rejeanne:

As each New Year approaches, I ask myself what I’d like to work on. Not which 10 things but which one thing, if I gave it my attention would make me happier, make my life easier and have me feel more in alignment with who I am. I know even when I get a good habit going, I fall off the wagon and have to start again, but I have realized that part of that journey is simply getting back on. Not staying off the wagon because I slipped and tumbled, and I’ve learned it’s much easier to do that with a friend on the wagon extending a hand.

I loved the New Year blog post that came out about Wins rather than Resolutions (some great wins shared by our moms in the community!). When we reflect on our wins it allows us to start this New Year off on a motivational note rather than feeling we are already behind with the resolutions.

Generally nothing really needs to be fixed. Improved is the bigger desire, easier, more fun, joyous.

I encourage you to take some time as I am and reflect on that which you accomplished last year. For many of us these past years have not been easy. Even that is a win. We made it through! Here is another new start and another opportunity to continue to practice at this thing called life.

Being part of the GPS community keeps me reminding myself of how I’m winning. The little things that weren’t so little not so long ago. Asking for help and building a community around me to help with my girl. As a single mom this was one of the biggest things for me to learn and continue to reach out for. Giving myself permission to ask for what I need and be okay with how things are.

This year for me my focus is going to be on my health. Learning to put myself first, developing the habits to see some real change. I’m not getting younger and the importance of this in respect to my family is becoming more evident to me every day. This is hard. It’s not been an area of success for me in the past and I am seeing more and more clearly on how important it is.

I hope you can take some time to do a little soul searching and find that important next thing to focus on this year. That which brings you more in alignment with who you are and your family.

>>Please share your one important focus in the comments!

Blessings in 2022. I hope you stay tuned to another year of growth with us and building our community. 

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5 thoughts on “One Word Focus

  1. I love this Rejeanne. I’m right there with you in making my health my focus for this year. I’ve got some great things I’ve already begun implementing.
    It’s so true that we it helps to get back on the wagon when there is a familiar helping hand reachng out to you. I’m making some major changes to the way I eat and my partner is coning along for the ride. I know it’ll be easier to implement and maintain with him on board.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Love, love, love it Rejeanne! I 2nd that as well. As we age, we realize the importance of staying healthy not only for ourselves but also for our children. I always kid that sometimes I am chasing my kids with a cane by my side (little old granny) as there is a nice age gap between my kids and myself, but jokes aside it makes me realize that I need to take care of myself if I am to take care of my kids and those around me. I reflect on how I was never taught to make me first, it’s always been the ‘self-sacrificing’ bit for the kids and others and I realize that this never serves me any good. More importantly, I realize how this ‘self-sacrificing’ attitude can trickle down to our children (read: especially our girls) if we are not careful with our actions. I often ask myself, is this what I want my girls to learn. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I want them to be self-sufficient but put themselves first. That may sometimes mean, having the strength and courage of asking for help in order to put themselves first.
    Falling off the wagon…LOL…almost everyday…but heck, this is part of the ride as you say. The first step is awareness, read REALIZATION and then getting up and moving forward. Thank you for reminding me to put MY HEALTH FIRST this year!

  3. Love this, Rejeanne! I am struggling to find just one word for my focus this year. The general idea is “presence” or “embodiment.” More specifically to stay present and ride the waves of emotion and process them through my body when they come. The end goal is also health, but for me this year it’s from the point of view of emotional and spiritual health that then trickles down to physical health. I also hope that my efforts to stay present with my emotions will help me stay present with my kids and help me stay grounded for them when their emotions are high. It’s a daily practice, and I hope I can keep coming back to it, as I know I will fall off the wagon plenty of times!

  4. I am going to focus on staying focused on what I want… I’ve spent decades working on accepting what is and that has been SOOOO helpful as a mother and an individual. When I accept what is, I can make the most of what is possible. I will keep working to accept what shows up, and now I see that I’m in a new phase where I feel called to focus on what I want! Acceptance is my default now, and I find that even when things go apparently sideways, it’s normal for me to be open and curious about what could be good or at least fine about the way things are. I am able to access my emotions when what is happening seems awful. That’s led to me being that much more quick to go into my tears, which enables me to accept what is and move on to what is possible, that much more quickly.

    I’m struck by how this resonates with the Serenity Prayer that I took to heart after hearing it at Al-Anon meetings.

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Here’s to 2020 being full of acceptance for what is, while we move towards what we want!


  5. My word is “de-schedule”: in my own life and in my kids’. I was so impressed with the “effective!” schedule I came up with in Aug/Sept that all we (although it was mostly the kids’ activities) wanted to do could fit in the week’s days but I am now throwing the rigidity of it out and focus on a couple of things. Especially with what is going on in the world ATM (which I have deep dived into to try to understand more), I have decided to focus my energy on my own family and household. And the kids choose a couple of scheduled activities and the rest they can pick and choose to attend.

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