No Cost Options

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Great Parenting Simplified resources without a cost options, include

  • a facilitated private Facebook group called Real Parents Raising Awesome Kids
  • two interviews from the 8th Series and short clips from all the interviews
  • videos & blogs delivered on social media
  • books on our Suggesting Reading List to look for at your library

Private Facebook group called Real Parents Raising Awesome Kids

Wish you had an inclusive parenting community of other parents who “get it”? Real Parents Raising Awesome Kids is a space where parents can be real, honest and raw about the challenges of parenting, and focus on their number one goal of raising awesome kids.

It takes a village to raise a child…and a community to support the parent! You’re not alone in this. It’s a super challenging time to parent. Treat yourself like the leader you are, get yourself the support that your kids need you to have.

Real Parents Raising Awesome Kids is the Great Parenting Simplified Facebook private group. It is facilitated by GPS coaches to encourage you (real parents and caregivers) through the often bewildering world of parenting and the thousands of choices you have to make every day.

Along with being moderated by a GPS certified parent coach, in this group you will find support from other like-minded parents and Facebook live sessions about parenting based on Great Simplified Parenting’s Core Principles.

You truly do have what it takes. And you are NOT alone. Welcome to your village of like-minded parents. Join us  in our private Facebook group here

Two Conversations with Parenting Experts from the Great Parenting Simplified Series

Along with watching the conversations with Ross Green and Tina Payne Bryson at any time for no cost, you can watch short clips from all the 8th Great Parenting Simplified Series conversations. Just go to the page for the 8th Series and click the person’s name in blue – that takes you to see a short clip from that conversation. 

Videos & Blogspots

Great Parenting Simplified regularly delivers parenting information in video and blog format. We have weekly Facebook Lives in our private Facebook Group with Jacqueline, our certified coaches, and our moms on various topics that align with the main teachings in our programs. We also share regular blog posts either in line with our Facebook Lives or on other issues most dear to our communities hearts. We often take suggestions from our community, so you could have the opportunity to shape the content that we present and the questions you want answered.

Suggesting Reading List

The books on this list were selected by Great Parenting Simplified’s founder Jacqueline Green.  [coming soon]

No matter our differences or where we live in the world, we can all agree that we want to raise awesome kids!