Next Time Tip

When you are frustrated or just wanting to teach your child something, these 2 magic words, Next Time, can change everything!

We can't change the fact the milk is spilled. But next time, our child can focus on pouring to the half way mark.  Or we can focus on finding our cool instead of yelling.

When someone points out what we did wrong, there’s not much we can do to change it, other than apologize, right? Often we, or our child, ends up feeling badly with not much ability to fix the situation. When we focus on Next Time, we are automatically using a growth mindset, as embedded in the idea is the fact that we can change.

So next time, try to remember to focus on Next Time:).

Change is a process, not an event. So you may not remember next time to use that phrase. In fact you likely will take some time before it’s a habit. How to make it quicker to start using this regularly? One way is to be gentle when you notice you didn’t use it. Another way is to put reminders up around the house. Or tell someone you are working on this, and get them to remind you!

What you'll get in a free consult:

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