How to gain momentum in 2021

Wow 2020 has been a wild and crazy year for most of us.  How can we make 2021 a little more promising?  Well a lot may be out of our control but we really do have control over some things and our mindset is one of those.  One way to help with a more positive mindset is to have some momentum.

Momentum is one of the keys to getting to more of what you want in your life. It’s often hardest to get momentum started. 

One really good way to get momentum started is so see what is going right or look at the wins from the past year.  I know it may be hard to find them since it has been a challenging year for most but they are there!

No win is too small. Focusing on the size of the win is how you kill momentum towards the life you want. If you want your kids to have a positive growth mindset, do this exercise. We can’t teach them what we haven’t learned.

Before you get far into 2021, I’d like you to do a powerful, simple exercise.

Write down 5 wins you had in 2020.

It’s a deceptively simple exercise.

One qualifier, tiny wins are as important as big ones!

Momentum is the key to getting what you want in life. It’s often hardest to get started. So make sure you don’t discount any win! That’s how you kill momentum towards the life you want.

Feel free to write more than 5 things. But make sure you write AT LEAST five. Okay?

Then solidify your wins for yourself AND inspire others, as well as make my day, by sharing your wins in the comments below, okay?

After you are done, watch to see what happens! Then share that too, okay?! I don’t want to give it away, but I can’t help but hint…

What we focus on expands.

Maybe this will inspire you to start writing 5 things down each (or most) days, that have gone well. Perfection isn’t required, and this focus on 5 things you did well will help you to do more and more of the things that you want.

This one TINY action can ensure 2021 ROCKS!!!!

Remember too that the size of the win is NOT important! I share a bit more about that at the bottom, after sharing some wins from GPS mamas below.

I can hardly wait to read about your 5 wins!

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