Help For Parents

You know that every child is unique, right? And no one else knows your child as well as you do, correct?
Also experts aren’t born, they are made…

So it follows that you are your child’s best bet as a parent – even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

You are meant to be the expert leading your family, and our job is to help you confidently head in the right direction.

What Makes Great Parenting Simplified Different and Effective? Brenda’s Experience “There are a lot of options available to get help in parenting – books, webinars, videos, etc.  What makes Great Parenting Simplified different?  What makes it effective?

Great Parenting Simplified reconciles a lot of different parenting advice into a single set of guidelines and parenting techniques – a road map that can be (and is!) summarizable in one page. I have read lots of parenting info, and while some was helpful, this parenting approach is the first that acknowledges the inconsistent guidance out there. Great Parenting Simplified sorts through it all, taking the best and making it coherent and complete. For the first time, I have confidence that I know what I am supposed to be doing, in just about every situation I encounter as a mom.

The most important focus is on learning how to stay calm and avoid getting triggered. It’s one thing to know what to do, and then there is actually doing it. One of the most important areas of focus is learning to use a technique called “The Work” by Byron Katie. It has really helped me to stay calm with son and stepchildren when my buttons are pushed. And it has affected every other relationship in my life. My relationship with my husband is stronger, and I am calmer and more able to deal with the rest of life’s stresses

I have read lots of parenting books, but I have not always been sure where and how to apply what guidance to my particular situation. With Great Parenting Simplified coaching, I had access to someone who always had good suggestions, and who helped me figure out approaches to my particular challenges. 

One of the best things about Great Parenting Simplified was that no matter how I screwed up, my challenges and disappointments were met with positive support. This support started with Jacqueline herself. No matter what, she saw the good in me, and encouraged me to pick myself up and keep going. She cheered all my successes and challenged me to do more than I thought possible. And the rest in the group followed her lead. I knew that no matter what issue I brought to the group, it would be met with warmth and support. It has become a real safe space for me, and I think, for all of us.

Basics: The Core Principles and the 3 Pillars of Change

“Less is more”. This movement is called Great Parenting Simplified because the work of sifting through information has been done for you. We’ve taken the top science and tried and proven techniques, and condensed it down to a few basic steps.

That means LESS of your time consuming information, and MORE on applying great tips and enjoying your precious family.

The Core Principles

The Great Parenting system has been honed from almost 20 years of parent educating, working with over 150 of the world’s top parenting experts, and hundreds of parents with almost every possible parenting issue all over the world! Our programs give you access to support, skills and knowledge based on three core principles: Mindset, Alignment & Support. 

Great parenting (and great families) starts with a growth mindset where you believe you can grow and change. You may already be aware of how important a growth mindset is for your kids to thrive. The much less known secret is it starts with us mastering the growth mindset!

With a growth mindset, you can correct and continue, instead of dwelling on the negative. When you blow it and say yell at your kids, you don’t waste your precious time and energy being mad at yourself. That just adds to your stress and makes you MORE likely to blow up again. Instead, knowing that you can change, you search for and get the support and tools you need to quit going there! (Trust me, I say this as a recovering rager who has helped so many parents find their calm.)

It’s so easy to get sucked into believing we’ve wrecked our kids when we are struggling to make the changes we want. However this shows a fixed mindset, where we see the future being more of what we’ve done in the past.

You want your kids to have the best start possible?  At GPS, we give you help so that see real change in yourself. That will help you to model the life-changing growth mindset that your kids need. The result will be a home environment full of curiosity, joy and peace.

Alignment is the GPS name for a very real force that is widely studied in developmental psychology; attachment. We prefer the word alignment in part because it avoids confusion with attachment parenting, which has some similarities, but diverges from the science of attachment.

Alignment can be defined as the connection that makes us want to cooperate with and behave like or for another. Humans are very social creatures, and we are very influenced by those who we are deeply aligned with. But for a variety of reasons, alignment is quite strained in most families. The result is kids who don’t listen or naturally model their parents as well as they used to do. This causes great frustration, and can result in punitive consequences that further weaken the alignment.

With Great Parenting Simplified, you can find a community of like-minded parents to help you:

  • Apply what you’re learning
  • Have a safe place where you can share, show up and be real and honest about how you’re doing
  • Celebrate the tiny wins that build the way to bigger success
  • Help you on those days when you feel all is lost
  • Be reminded you’re on the right path 

The 3 Pillars of Change
To change your family’s path you need:

  1. Great parenting information
  2. Great parenting support
  3. Repetition

The 3 pillars of change are like a 3-legged stool. You need all three legs on the ground to have stability and make the changes you want as a parent.

Consider This: If your stool only has one leg, it could give you some support but it’s not stable – it’s easily tipped over.  You’ll waste your time and energy if you keep trying new tips without getting the help to refine that tip and make it work for you. With a solid stool to lean on, you can lead your family on the path you want to be on.

Many parents focus on getting great information, but information is only one leg of the stool.

Many of those same parents hit the pandemic and realized how tippy things are. Here is what some of our community members say about the importance of Great Parenting Simplified during the pandemic:

Great Parenting Simplified programs and resources ensure you have all three legs on your stool so that your can thrive under your leadership. We help parents raise happy, successful kids with the growth mindset they need to thrive, in spite of their current stress, overwhelm or challenges with their child! 

Check out the GPS Tool Kit.