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At Great Parenting Simplified, our tools and programs

  • provide simplified and actionable support
  • for every parent
  • to help bring out their best
  • in any parenting circumstance

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Schedule a Free Consult with a GPS Certified Coach to discuss how you can make changes in your family. 

Schedule a Free Consult with a Great Parenting Simplified certified coach for a chance to explore where you are at, where you want to be and how we could help you. 

I invite you to have a no-obligation, Free Consult with a Great Parenting Simplified certified coachto help you get a plan for how to turn things around.  

Join our GPS Parents Club membership community for parents who want to gain clarity and confidence as they guide their families through the ups & downs of life.  

Every year Great Parenting Simplified hosts a series of conversations with international top parenting experts.

No one becomes an expert overnight. Parenting is a journey that takes courage, patience and perseverance. And even though it’s full of pressure, it is amazing what happens when we slow down, to speed up. Those old wives knew something when they said haste makes waste! When it’s our precious children’s lives flashing by, it makes sense to slow down, and get tools and help that can change their lives profoundly, don’t you think?

Our nonprofit organization Great Parenting Simplified is all about helping each other up and leaving no one behind. We offer different formats to match your needs. There are self-directed learning options and coach-led programs; options at no-cost, low cost and moderate cost; and options that require more commitment and others that are led by you. All our resources are based on the Core Principles.

No Cost Options

Great Parenting Simplified offers several no-cost options, including

  • a moderated private Facebook group called Real Parents Raising Awesome Kids
  • 2 conversations with experts from the 8th Series

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The Great Parenting Series
Conversations with Top Parenting Experts

Formerly The Great Parenting Show, this resource is a series of recorded conversations between Jacqueline Green and top parenting experts, based on Great Parenting Simplified’s Core Principles. Each series is aired live for no cost

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Real Parents Roadmap

Want a roadmap to ensure your family’s success? You’ll learn the 3 Core Principles of Great Parenting Simplified in the Real Parents Roadmap program. You will also get support to apply the powerful content to make changes in your family.

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1-1 Coaching

Do you need extra individualized support and possibly help with follow through, eg more accountability? Our Great Parenting Simplified certified coaches can help you find solutions to your problems. As well, a coach can help you to actually follow through on making the changes 

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Small Group Programs

If you like the faster results people get from coaching and you also like being part of a community, then our most popular Great Parenting Simplified program, called the Inner Circle, may be perfect for you! It gives you individualized support in a group setting.

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