Every year Great Parenting Simplified hosts a series of conversations with international top parenting experts. They share simple and actionable tips to help you along your parenting journey. Formerly The Great Parenting Show, the Great Parenting Simplified Series is hosted by Jacqueline Green and based on Great Parenting Simplified’s Core Principles. Each series is aired live to the public (at no cost!) when the series launches. After that you can purchase the series to watch on your own time, as you start to put the suggestions into practice.

When you purchase a Great Parenting Simplified Series, you get:

  • The opportunity to replay and re-learn these vital lessons shared with us by parenting and child behavioural experts over time and as your family grows.
  • The chance to share your newly learned or renewed knowledge with your co-parent, care givers, friends, family, and online circle.
  • Freedom to access the content when and where you need it. Because . . . life.

The last three series are available to purchase. Find out more about: