GPS Coaches

Michelle Brussel

My conscious parenting journey was the beginning of a whole personal growth journey, that included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), yoga, meditation and spiritual work. It was prompted by the immense challenges and struggles I was experiencing parenting my older son. I knew I needed help and to find a different way to parent (and to live!). My passion is to share this information with other mamas to help them fulfill their desires for themselves, their kids and their families. I’m married with 2 boys (10 and 5) and live in Nyack, NY.

Joanna Greaney

When I had kids, there was definitely an ideal in my mind of how to be a mom that I was striving for and quickly found myself failing to achieve. I was not the calm and strong Mama I wanted to be. I encountered rage like I had never felt before. Joining the GPS Inner Circle and later going through training and becoming a Parent Coach has taught me so many things. Most of all, it has taught me to relax more if I don’t get things right on the first - or the 10th - try. It has given me permission to be OK with who I am now. It has helped me find Trust that things will be OK. It has also given me an amazing community of women. I have coached several moms now and witnessed them open up to that trust and soften to the slow process of change, and that has been so gratifying to see! I am married with a boy (12) and two girls (10 and 6) living near San Diego, California.

Maureen Geres

I joined the Inner Circle 3 (IC) group at a time when I was feeling weighed down by the pressure of trying to be a perfect parent. My hope was to learn how to have more fun in parenting and to rediscover the fun person I used to be before I had kids! That experience was profound and I continued with the IC4 group to deepen my understanding and practice of the material. I still have my regrettable parenting moments (!), but now look at them as snapshots in time and learning opportunities, instead of permanent black marks on my parenting record. I have more compassion for myself and my kids and have greater confidence and calmness in dealing with situations that used to feel out of control. As a Parent Coach I’m able to support others on their journey to becoming the parents, and people, they want to be. I am a married mom of 9 year old Ben and 7 year old Maddie, living in Calgary, Alberta.

Jan VanderLuitgaren

I am an RN by profession and still work on occasion at a local hospital in the outpatient oncology clinic. I cut back working after my twins were born and was able to participate in the IC 3 group and then decided to become a parent coach. I also have a health coaching certification that I completed a few years ago. I am passionate about parenting and health related topics as these really are two very important areas of our lives as Moms. I’ve have been married for 19 years. Our children are Conner 13, William 10 and Hannah and Olivia, 7-year-old twin girls. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.