Do you feel alone in your parenting journey? Maybe you’re on information overload. Or maybe you just want your kid to go to bed and stay in bed?

Are you frustrated from trying so many parenting tips, only to find yourself screaming at your kids again?

You have what it takes. We know it doesn’t always feel that way. Being a parent challenges us to grow like nothing else. Whatever your current struggles or situation, it is possible to learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and relating to these people you love most in the world.

Yeah. You don’t have to have it all figured out. What you DO need is the help of other parents to help you find answers when you need them. When you learn to give yourself a break, you’ll also learn how to be an anchor for your kid in a storm. And you. You can be the anchor in the storm.

You can learn to create calm in the chaos. You can learn to love yourself in a way that models strength and wholeness to your kids. You can be not “a perfect parent” but the real parent your kids need you to be. After all, they are going to grow up to be imperfect too!

The Story of the Great Parenting Simplified Movement

The roots for this wonderful grass roots movement with over 40,000 mamas (and papas!) who’ve signed up from over 101 countries, were sown in the year before I took my 2 little kids, then almost 1 and 3, to a women’s shelter in a tiny town in the middle of the Great White North.  Watch my (Jacqueline’s) video to hear the story…

Taking the Heat Off
How do you manage the stress of parenting in an unpredictable environment? Great Parenting Simplified can help you find your “pause” button so you don’t explode. However pausing is like taking the lid off when the pot is boiling over. In the moment, pausing will enable you to avoid the damage that comes with a hot liquid overpouring the pot. But being able to pause is not enough. It’s the band aid. You need to find a way to do the deeper work of lowering the heat or turning it off altogether. If you don’t, after awhile, you’ll find yourself blowing up again. 

Great Parenting Simplified provides longer lasting solutions that take the heat off, as well as that help you find your pause in the moment:
  1. Changing how you see the situation.
  2. Finding solutions to the problems that are stressing you out.

Stop Losing Your Cool
Got anger issues? Kids too perfectionistic to try things? Husband stuck in the reward and punishment paradigm?

Have a complimentary, no-obligation Stop Losing Your Cool (and Love Parenting More) session with a Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coach™. Click the button below to fill in a short questionnaire, then we’ll get you booked.

In the Stop Losing Your Cool session we’ll:
  • Explore your current situation and what’s working / what’s not
  • Discuss where you want to be as a parent and where you want your family to be
  • Evaluate one thing that’s been holding you back from where you want to be
  • Map out an action plan for you going forward
Great Parenting Simplified can help you rediscover the parent you’re meant to be. Successfully guide your children through their challenges, and have more fun along the way!

Here’s an example of what we do, from our 8th Great Parenting Simplified Series of conversations with top parenting experts, Bryan Post

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