Founder Jacqueline Green

Jacqueline Green is the founder of the Great Parenting Simplified movement. She is also the creator and host of the Great Parenting Simplified Series (formerly the Great Parenting Show), founded in 2010. Simplifying parenting is what she been learning to do and teaching since she first started as a parenting educator in 2000.

Jacqueline’s message is one of profound hope based both on her personal journey and on the thousands of parents with whom she has worked. Her approach is mostly that of a mom who started as a disaster but found a path to a great family life, and she wants to share what worked for her.

At 30, Jacqueline Green, BA, was delighted to leave her corporate career in communications to become a mom. She wanted to do things differently than the family she grew up in, but she soon discovered that doing things differently required skills she didn’t have yet. Her dreams of family bliss turned into a nightmare of overwhelm. The journey included diving into stress, mental health issues and conflict. Not only was she hit with postpartum depression, rage that left her fearing she would be an abusive mom, and debilitating, crippling perfectionism, but her marriage was rapidly disintegrating.

At one of her lowest points, she stopped the escalating physical violence in her marriage by going to a woman’s shelter with her two little kids. Yet her first marriage and parenting have been her biggest gifts because of the growth that she did in order to thrive, and be able to be the mama she had vowed to be for her two precious kids (now 21 and 23)!

Like too many moms, at her lowest she contemplated leaving the planet. She knew what a cruel legacy suicide would be for her children, and she wanted so desperately to have a great family life. She committed instead to finding solutions to her seemingly insurmountable problems. Along the way she taught the iconic How to Talk so that Kids will Listen courses, took instructor’s training and taught Active Parenting courses, and mentored briefly with Dr. Gordon Neufeld. (His best-selling book Hold on to your Kids is a must read for anyone who works with children, or was once a child and wants to understand his or her own development.)

Jacqueline developed the Great Parenting system from almost 20 years of parent educating, working with over 150 of the world’s top parenting experts, and hundreds of parents with almost every possible parenting issue all over the world. The programs give parents access to support, skills and knowledge based on three Core Principles: Mindset, Alignment & Support.

Great parenting – without the overwhelm!

Jacqueline’s upcoming book is Strong Enough to Stay: Work it Out or Leave Happy.

Although Jacqueline was born in the US, her Canadian accent shows where she grew up!