Forget New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you get caught up in the New Year’s Resolution trap only to feel frustrated that you didn’t make the changes you promised several weeks into the New Year?

What if you did away with grand changes for the New Year?

Often the best way to affect change is to slow down and build on what is already going well for you.

That’s why every year at GPS, we like to take stock of our past year.

Specifically, we take the time to celebrate our wins. Too often we don’t celebrate the things we actually did right. Taking the time to stop and really appreciate our accomplishments and our hard work in the year helps us gain the momentum we need to try some new things as well.

Our mindset can be such a powerful force in our lives; when we can be kind to ourselves, instead of beating ourselves up about our failures, everything improves.

Momentum is one of the keys to getting to more of what you want in your life. It’s often hardest to get momentum started, and our mindset can make an amazing difference.

So, why not join our team in writing at least 5 wins you had in 2021?

No win is too small. Focusing on the size of the win is how you kill momentum towards the life you want. If you want your kids to have a positive growth mindset, do this exercise. We can’t teach them what we haven’t learned.

It’s a deceptively simple exercise.

Tiny wins are as important as big ones!

The first step is often the hardest. So make sure you don’t discount any win!

Feel free to write more than 5 things. But make sure you write AT LEAST five. Okay?

>>Solidify your wins for yourself AND inspire others, as well as make my day, by sharing your wins in the comments below, okay?

After you are done, watch to see what happens! Then share that too, okay?! I don’t want to give it away, but I can’t help but hint…

What we focus on expands.

Maybe this will inspire you to start writing 5 things down each day (or most days), that have gone well. Perfection isn’t required, and this focus on 5 things you did well will help you to do more and more of the things that you want.

This one TINY action can ensure 2022 ROCKS!!!!

Remember too that the size of the win is NOT important!

I can hardly wait to read about your 5 wins!

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12 thoughts on “Forget New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. My wins from the past year:
    1. I committed to doing yoga at least 2 times a week and have been prioritizing it since September! I feel stronger and calmer thanks to it!
    2. I have been able to stay calm more in the face of my daughter’s anger, so I can support her more! (Not always, but more than before!)
    3. I was able to visit family after not seeing them for 2 years!
    4. I have been reading more non-fiction (I’ve always been more of a self-help reader)
    5. I have worked on getting to sleep earlier with various success, but I’m not giving up thanks to my coach and accountability partner! 🙂
    6. I have taken steps to find a therapist and hope to start therapy in the New Year!
    7. I have navigated some unexpected changes in my work with what I hope was some grace and look forward to how it will evolve!

    1. I see you navigating your challenges with much grace, realness (which includes beauty in messiness) and courage Joanna! xoxo

  2. I will keep it to 5 or I will be on here all day, 2021 has been a fabulously winning year!
    1. Filed for divorce after +20 years and regained my joy in life
    2. Finally got a puppy – great for my and the kids’ mental health
    3. Leveraged my village and gave my family – including me – the best Christmas ever and cooked my first turkey to perfection
    4. Joining IC7 – allowed me to finally pull all the threads of my parenting and personal growth journey together into a cohesive, meaningful whole which now powerfully drives my power to parent and my ability to be the rock my kids need.
    5. Dragged myself out of the black pit of despair I was in this time last year through a combination of all the above.

    PS these are very personal so I am not sure I will post them on the blog

  3. My wins:
    1. My kids are both doing great in university.
    2. We spent a fabulous week visiting family in southern Sask. We had a good time despite the crazy cold and car troubles.
    3. We got Great Parenting Simplified Nonprofit Cooperative established!
    4. I moved into a housing cooperative that is a phenomenal community, and is very close to the kids! Parenting is ideally a long-range job, and it’s been so fun to get to see the kids so much more.
    5. After years of processing my emotions about all that wasn’t going well in my life, I started to focus more on what I want. It’s been a very generative, fun process.

  4. 1. I sorted an advent calendar for my 3 kids for the first time (as I wanted to stop the trend of 3 commercial advent calendars with easy daily chocolate-wins) with activities and/or chocolates and I got a good response. Not perfect and I will build on the experience for next year’s.

    2. I was able to genuinely and truly love my son after his bad behaviour several times (and (hopefully) was able to show him my love).

    3. I followed through with a training course this year that was incredibly scary and out of my comfort zone and indirectly strengthened my relationships with my children, my husband and myself. (Now that I think about it, it is similar to something I did many years ago when I abseiled down a building in Canary Wharf, London, because I wanted to feel the fear and do it anyway.)

    4. I managed to resuscitate my sexual life back to life after babies, breastfeeding and stuck thinking about it.

    5. After many failed attempts I am getting better and better at staying out of other people’s suffering. I still have a sensation in my body when my kids tell me about a hurt they have / had though, and I treasure that feeling.

    6. I was able to fundamentally disagree with my sister twice recently and were able to continue our conversation on the basis of disagreeing instead of ending the conversation quickly. (She lives in Australia and I in Switzerland so it has always been easy to end the telephone conversation!)

    7. I am not getting irritated (as I am typing this nor during the previous week) as my husband got a turntable for a Christmas present and his vinyls are all old & scratched so they keep getting stuck! 🤪

    8. A win that makes me feel most warm and fuzzy is having recently make time to lie down next to my kids at bedtime and feel their bodies curling with pleasure when I tell them that I love them. ♥️

    9. Not feeling a stong need to re-read this post for typos!

    5. I

  5. 1. Happy child
    2. Built some community in my new location
    3. Opened myself to dating
    4. Spent a lot of quality time with my parents
    5. Started exercising regularly with my niece
    6. Managed 3 moves – 2 of my own
    7. Found a job that is fun and gets me out of the house

  6. 1. Started my own little business (pushed myself out of my comfort zone)
    2. Completed year-long self-employment program (pushed myself way out of comfort zone).
    3. Did the Parent Coach in Training program with GPS (see previous comfort zone comments! Noticing my courage as I reflect on the past year)
    4. Established a summer place for ourselves, completed many renovations and even set us up to rent it out.
    5. Continued to work on alignment with my kids (and now I am reaping the awards…this holiday break they are wanting to spend time with me and as a family! All the time! Even the 13 year old!)
    6. Worked hard to manage my anxiety and create some solid “keystone” habits – I actually crave exercise now and really notice if I don’t fit it in! I also worked hard on maintaining my mindset tools and also notice when I don’t do them.
    7. Supported so many people in so many ways. Built upon my strength of connection.

  7. Some wins from the past year:
    1. Getting through the year with my/our sanity in tact! 😉
    2. Adopting a dog and seeing the many positive benefits on my kids and our family
    3. Taking walks in nature almost everyday as part of my self-care
    4. Practicing outdoor yoga when weather allowed
    5. Continuing a regular practice of the Work and finding and committing to two new Work partners after the end of my two year Year of Inquiry experience
    6. Being gentle on myself and accepting and trusting when I did take breaks from regularly doing the Work
    7. Still regularly playing family basketball in the driveway (everyday this holiday break! and most weekends this past year) – me pushing myself as this is def not my favorite thing to do but worth it for the alignment opportunities and the smiles and laughs with the kids, my older son for always corralling us out to do this together
    8. Forming a village for my younger son (he started a new school the year of the pandemic) with friends and parents and initiating and attending regular outdoor playdates
    9. Strengthening my relationship with my body and my intuition and forming an even deeper trust in it

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