One Word Focus

In continuation of our last post about celebrating wins from the pervious year, we take a look at a very simple tip for keeping focused the in the New Year. Check out our tip and share what your focus will be in the comments!

Forget New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you get caught up in the New Year’s Resolution trap only to feel frustrated that you didn’t make the changes you promised several weeks into the New Year? What if you did away with grand changes for the New Year? Try this powerful exercise with us to set you up for the New Year!

Mother’s Day Blues

Does Mother’s Day give you mixed feelings? I share about my 4 pregnancies and 2 births below because I can relate.

Do you find yourself sad, resentful, and/or disappointed on this special day meant for celebrating mothers? It’s OK to have those feelings. It’s OK to find joy and grief on this day.

Is Trying to be the Perfect Mom Hurting your Kids?

How you feel as a mama has a huge impact on your child. I know you want the best for them – and one of the best ways you can love them is to stop trying to be the perfect mom. Put on your own oxygen mask first and care for yourself well.