One Word Focus

In continuation of our last post about celebrating wins from the pervious year, we take a look at a very simple tip for keeping focused the in the New Year. Check out our tip and share what your focus will be in the comments!

Forget New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you get caught up in the New Year’s Resolution trap only to feel frustrated that you didn’t make the changes you promised several weeks into the New Year? What if you did away with grand changes for the New Year? Try this powerful exercise with us to set you up for the New Year!

A Little Less Hallmark, a Little More Charlie Brown

I love Christmas. I love the lights and the decorations, the music and the special holiday events, the baking and the wrapping, the excitement and the anticipation. And most of all, I love the feeling of hope and goodwill that permeates the very air around us, the heightened expression of love and kindness to each other and the renewed commitment to have more compassion in our hearts.

But my relationship to Christmas is conflicted. As much as I love it, it also makes me sad.

My year with grief

Grief isn’t always straightforward. It can sometimes be riddled with conflicting emotions. I’ve learned that my relationship with my mom didn’t end when she died. I have been able to heal our relationship even with her gone. Here is my year of grief.