7th Great Parenting Series

Your Guide for a Thriving Family!

The Speakers and Topics of the 7th Great Parenting Series

Imagine how much more fun, successful and connected your family would be if you…

  • Could stop sibling rivalry issues, at the root?
  • Had the benefit of latest brain science to help your child be more resilient, courageous and curious
  • Knew about cutting edge work on neural plasticity and how to wake up your child’s brain to help your child to manifest his or her fullest potential
  • Understood the root of your child’s behavior issues, and had a 3 step process for turning things around
  • Had tools to help your sensitive child to not just survive, but thrive?
  • Could navigate the serious challenges and find the gifts in your ADHD child’s unique brain?
Theme One: Discipline, Behavior and Alignment – How to have Cooperative, Well-Behaved Kids
Theme Two: Building a Better Brain – Latest Science Behind Great Parenting

Theme Three: Leading your Pack – How to Model the Leadership your Child Needs

Theme Four: Support and Building your Village! How to put your oxygen mask on to be a better parent

Theme Five: Maturation and Motivation – How to Raise Caring, Confident and Adaptive Kids

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