5 Pandemic Parenting Tips

Guest post by Tanya Skok Hobbs, a member of the team behind the crowdfunding campaign!

Yesterday as I was walking down the street holding my child’s hand and carrying a box of groceries with the other hand, an older woman pulled over in her car and asked me if I needed a ride. I said: “Oh, no thanks, I live right here,” pointing to my house. She replied: “I just wanted to make sure, I have 5 kids I know what it can be like sometimes.”

The above illustrates the little acts of kindness and support that can make a hard day feel easier. It also illustrates the sense of community that has been missing for many of us parents during this pandemic.  In addition, for those parents who were already feeling anxious, stressed, and isolated, prior to the pandemic, the pandemic has served to augment those feelings as key support systems come into question – work, school, and childcare. 

The old adage “it takes a village” to raise a child exists for a reason. As parents we need support.  Social distancing, bubbling, closing of schools, extracurricular programs, as well as other support systems have removed that village for many families.  The reopening of schools this fall has brought with it a whole host of questions around our children’s wellbeing, rather than the sigh of relief as our children head back to school.

As parents we are used to reaching out and asking for help if and when we need it, and also offering help to those in our network.  Those traditional channels  of support are no longer available because the pandemic has changed the way we interact as a society at large. 

We must learn to do things differently due to COVID-19, which means adapting to our new environment. I know that I can find change extremely overwhelming, in particular if I am already feeling anxious, stressed and at my limit.

This is why I wanted to take the time to offer 5 quick “Pandemic Parenting” tips to help alleviate the pressure in super simple, actionable ways, which often involve doing a little less. And I think that we could all benefit from doing a little less these days.

5 Pandemic Parenting Tips

  1. Shift or lower expectations – we all want to excel, but allowing the space for less than perfect can actually be what we need!
  2. Look for every single win, no matter how small – this can even look like you having less of a loss than you thought. Celebrate that to help gain some positive traction!
  3. Putting your self-care on par or even above some of the things you do for your children as that ensures a great home environment! So hard but so worthwhile!!
  4. Stellar at Support – enlist help from even the smallest members of your family for tasks. This helps to create family cohesion and reduces strain on parents; and
  5. Prioritize PLAY – the play space is powerful for processing our emotions and relaxing ☺

If you are interested in applying the first 3 tips download them here: https://greatparentingsimplified.com/3-tips

If we as parents can shift and adapt even just one percent in the present moment, it helps to create a lasting positive impact in the long run. We humans are incredibly adaptive, and can survive and thrive in all sorts of conditions. But we must be given the tools and support in order to do so effectively. 

Let’s all encourage each other’s “Thrival” (yes, I just made up a word) not only surviving but also thriving!

If you want to learn more about how to help those in need in a COVID friendly manner through GPS please visit our Fundrazr Campaign: https://fundrazr.com/GPS-2020-2H?ref=ab_b7oMp3_ab_2w4J41sBc6z2w4J41sBc6z every little bit helps!Guest

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