Do you need extra individualized support and possibly help with follow through, eg more accountability? Our Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coaches™ can help you find solutions to your problems. As well, a coach can help you to actually follow through on making the changes you want to see in your life and your family life. This offering is available to start at any time.

You may have tough but “normal” challenges. Or you may have much more serious ones to deal with. It doesn’t matter. Our 5 step system and the help of our coaches will ensure you get the right information, the support and have the ability to follow through to ensure success.

Imagine how much happier your children and you will be without _______? (Insert your biggest parenting issue.)

To solve your problems, often you need parenting tips tailored to your exact situation, not general advice. When you can share with a coach what is going on, and she can laser in on the one tweak you need to make to have success, it’s a great feeling! While information is powerful, this type of support is often the missing piece that keeps parents suffering and struggling.

Chances are, if you had the support you need, you wouldn’t be struggling right now.

That’s where our Great Parenting Simplified Certified Coaches™ come in.

Book a Free Consult with Jacqueline or a certified coach to see if this option is a fit for you. You can sign up for a block of 8 sessions to make some sustainable progress in your family.